Chinese cargo ship sinks and the process of evacuation

The Chinese cargo ship ZTE 2 sank after colliding with a large container ship off the coast of Hong Kong, China’s Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Center has carried out the evacuation.

So far, only 12 bodies have been found from the Hong Kong ship that sank in the South China Sea.

Chinese cargo ship sinks (Image Source Government Flying Service)

The Chinese Ministry of Transportation revealed that the ZTE 2 ship sank after colliding with a container ship which resulted in the ZTE 2 sinking.

Chinese media reported that the ship was actually carrying 30 people when it sailed in the South China Sea on July 2, 2022. The ship sank due to bad weather.

When the accident occurred, the South China Sea was indeed being hit by Typhoon Chaba.

Meanwhile Typhoon Chaba formed in the central part of the South China Sea and on Saturday afternoon made a stop in Guangdong province in southern China.

Of the total passengers, three people were rescued.

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Sink Ship Crew Evacuation Process

The Hong Kong government aviation service released video footage of the evacuation process for victims of the sinking ship.

The evacuation process looks very dramatic with bad weather and strong winds.

The process of evacuating the victims of the sinking ship using helicopters.

While waves pounded the deck of a ship that was about to sink.

After coordinating with the Central China SAR Agency (CMSRC).

South Korea sent a rescue ship and a plane to the location to search for missing victims.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest maritime shipping hubs, but incidents of shipwrecks are rare.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Marine Affairs said the bulk carrier ZTE 2 collided with the Marshall container ship MOLMotivator two nautical miles southwest of Po Toi Island, and the ZTE 2 sank.

ZTE 2 appears to have sunk following the collision, with 12 crew members reportedly on board.

When the ship sank, there was a fishing boat that helped evacuate the ship’s crew.

the rescue team reported that 11 crew members were still being searched.

When the accident occurred outside Hong Kong waters, the Guangdong Province Search and Rescue Center was responsible for coordinating rescue activities.

a spokesman for the Hong Kong authority said.

The Hong Kong Maritime Search and Rescue Center is also assisting with the rescue, and has dispatched helicopters.

Several marine police ships and fire engines to join the rescue.

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