Crisis Threatens Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s crisis was bad because of the foreign exchange shortage. There is no money to buy basic food, fuel and medicine.

Crisis Threatens Sri Lanka

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Crisis Threatens Sri Lanka

The South Asian country then asked for international help.

The state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) could not confirm when oil supplies would be available. while Sri Lanka is currently experiencing a fuel crisis.

The CPC company has also closed its sole mine due to a crude shortage.

The mine started operations earlier this month using 90,000 tonnes of Russian crude purchased through Dubai-based Coral Energy on two-month credit terms.

The Sri Lankan government apologized that the deliveries of gasoline.

Diesel and crude oil could not be fulfilled on time.

Sri Lanka is blacklisted by international companies. Sri Lanka has defaulted on the country’s economic debt.

Other companies require international bank guarantees for ordering goods.

However, Sri Lanka sent two ministers to Russia, reportedly going into direct negotiations to get the fuel that its population desperately needs.

Sri Lanka is Currently Experiencing a Fuel Crisis.

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Demonstrators broke into Prime Minister

The Sri Lankan government apologized that the deliveries of gasoline diesel oil and crude oil are not available.

As a result educational establishments in Sri Lanka are closed

The government imposed a policy of rationing gasoline and diesel only for essential services.

Months of public protests to stop the political dynasty that has lasted to this day.

As a result, one of the brothers resigned from the position of prime minister last month. Two other brothers and a nephew also left the cabinet post.

Wickremesinghe is currently taking over as prime minister.

Public discontent with the Sri Lankan government has increased in recent weeks, fueled by the fact that the country has gone bankrupt.

Demonstrators broke into Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private home and set it on fire.

The arson took place shortly after Wickremesinghe declared his readiness to relinquish his post to pave the way for the formation of a new government.

Demonstrators broke into Prime Minister

Wickremesinghe declared he was ready to step down when the mob occupied Rajapaksa’s house. The crowd stormed the president’s residence because they could not contain their emotions.

Demonstrators swim freely in the presidential pool.

One of the presidential security officials confirmed that Rajapaksa.

Not being on site when a crisis occurs.

As a result of the incident, around 31 people, including two policemen.

Police said two people were in critical condition due to injuries caused by the demonstrators’ actions.

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